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Back from vacation!

First off, I want to apologize for being so much fail recently. I've been with an internet connection that wouldn’t let me check my email or upload anything (or make DW posts without refreshing the damn thing eight million times). I’ve also been highly stressed and worried about the moving to a new apartment that is about to take place.

Special thanks to [personal profile] cypher for picking up my slack where I fell down on the job with [community profile] tales_100. I will strive to be more reliable in the future! *nods nods*

Some other stuff...

Moving... )

family changes )

last but certainly not least... )

Huh. Okay. Long post. Back to kink bingo!
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So we've found ourselves a house!

With a sort of reasonable rent--at least reasonable for the greater DC area. We can start moving in on the 15th--and then I am going to North Carolina for several weeks, and won't see much of it until the end of August, when we start school. But hooray! At least we have a place!!

[personal profile] mmefrankenstein and I have been playing the shit out of the Last Remnant. Good stuff.

And it's the 4th of July, and once again I am not planning to do anything for it. Maybe some hot dogs. And pie. Mmmm. Pie.
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I've been in North Carolina for the last week or so, at a friends' house. We've done a whole manner of classy things, such as making pasta out of the various things we found in the fridge and baking two batches of cookies that both failed in their own special way (one I added too much flour to and the other she overcooked).

We went and saw UNC's production of The Importance of Being Earnest, and it was GLORIOUS. Oscar Wilde, I love you forever, I promise. I also finally got to see The Princess and the Frog. It was hilariously cute, and the music was really catchy.
We spent a great deal of time attending to various task--also known as me sitting on her bed and writing essays while she played Assassin's Creed and the two of us swooned over Leonardo da Vinci.

Talked a lot about fandom, wrote some Heavy Rain fic, and drank way too much coffeeeeee. We made a list of bisexual characters over dinner last night--if you count the subtext ones, there's actually quite a lot.

Going back do DC today. Ah well, all things must come to an end.

I'm considering doing ffexchange, though I only really write for ff7 and ff12. We'll see how things turn out.


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