Mar. 7th, 2011 09:12 am
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Finally, the cosplay photos from Katsucon! Yuri and Flynn are ready for their close-up.

Together we form team Down With Injustice!

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So we've found ourselves a house!

With a sort of reasonable rent--at least reasonable for the greater DC area. We can start moving in on the 15th--and then I am going to North Carolina for several weeks, and won't see much of it until the end of August, when we start school. But hooray! At least we have a place!!

[personal profile] mmefrankenstein and I have been playing the shit out of the Last Remnant. Good stuff.

And it's the 4th of July, and once again I am not planning to do anything for it. Maybe some hot dogs. And pie. Mmmm. Pie.
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The lovely [personal profile] mmefrankenstein has entered my sphere of influence, and is staying for a couple weeks--we've been making lots of baked goods and playing video games.
On Saturday we bought The Last Remnant and al;kjsdlaskdhjfal so awesome!.

Okay, so the loading times are sort of irritating, but downloading it to the 360 hard drive cuts down on that a lot. The story was sort of slow in getting started, and the dialogue was iffy for awhile, but we're about ten hours in and it's getting really intriguing. Besides, the battle system is awesome, and the graphics are gorgeous, and the bad coding sort of makes it even better--i.e. Rush pelvic thrusting at inappropriate moments.

And Rush and David! So adorable! I mean, I already ship them because of [personal profile] cypher's awesome fics, but they are practically canon! I mean, they like each other so much. And they keep having scenes that would usually be reserved for the hero and the heroine; meeting in the garden, going on walks together, David ordering his generals to protect Rush no matter what. And they can't seem to keep their hands off each other either. glad I bought this game!
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What is it about teenage boys that makes them need to throw things at small animals? I was walking down by the lake just now, and some kid leapt after a rabbit, chucking his water bottle at it. I mean, is it a pretador response?

I brought my sister over to our mom's house today to pick up a few things--she's staying with us while my mom moves house--and couldn't believe some of the things that came out of our mother's mouth. I mean, by now, I should be used to it. It's religious bigotry, ignorance, and the inability to accept anything new. But it still makes me want to cry. My sister did cry, on the way home.

Fuck, I've only just started undoing the damage my mother did to me all those years, and now I have to watch her do the same things to my sister. Maybe I can help her get to it early.

All in all, not a terrific day. But the lovely [personal profile] mmefrankenstein is coming over on Friday, and then everything will be full of video games and Homecooked Meals.
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Feels like I've been fairly MIA over the last couple of weeks, not least because I have migrated down to North Carolina to hang with the beautiful [personal profile] mmefrankenstein. We've watched a lot of movies (all of which have had the recurring theme of Robert Downey Jr.) and eaten a lot of delicious Home Cooked Meals.

She had a table at Animazement this weekend, and we ended up doing fairly well. We combined our powers--her artistic brilliance and my ability to irritate/flatter people into buying things when the shiny simply wasn't enough. As it turned out, Animazement is a PG-13 con(?) I'm not even fairly sure what that means, except that there wasn't much hentai in the Dealer's Room, and there were a bunch of parents there with the children. I saw three people with "I <3 Jesus" on their badges. Also, people would look through the art at our table, see boys hugging each other and say, "Look, yaoi!" Believe me when I tell you, it was tame stuff. Some people were delighted, while others were repulsed. We actually had a boy physically recoil. Ah, the south. Apart from that we did get a lot of classy art, and got to meet one of [personal profile] mmefrankenstein's favorite manga-ka.

Last night we saw Prince of Persia, which was sort of fantastically bad, but also fun to watch and pretty to look at. I reccomend it to anyone who likes the game.
I discovered Eternal Poison in the used section of a GameStop today. Looking forward to playing it--it looks and sounds excellent.


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