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I wrote these awhile back for various memes/challenges.

For [profile] ficpromptly

Sudden Downpour )

For the Last Remnant kink meme
Not Worksafe
Leather )
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Title: Sleepyhead
Fandom: The Last Remnant
Pairing: Rush/David
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~900
Teaser: The hand running up his spine is so familiar that the sliver of reflexive fear unravels.

For [community profile] kink_bingo's March mini-challenge. Fills sleepy/unconscious & teasing

Sleepyhead )
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Title: Relaxing
Fandom: The Last Remnant
Pairing: David/Rush
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1800
For [community profile] areyougame
Teaser: Rush grins—the same expression that’s gotten David into trouble before. “Wanna try? We’ve got time, right?” His cheeks are flushed with excitement, the thrill of something new.

Relaxing )
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The lovely [personal profile] mmefrankenstein has entered my sphere of influence, and is staying for a couple weeks--we've been making lots of baked goods and playing video games.
On Saturday we bought The Last Remnant and al;kjsdlaskdhjfal so awesome!.

Okay, so the loading times are sort of irritating, but downloading it to the 360 hard drive cuts down on that a lot. The story was sort of slow in getting started, and the dialogue was iffy for awhile, but we're about ten hours in and it's getting really intriguing. Besides, the battle system is awesome, and the graphics are gorgeous, and the bad coding sort of makes it even better--i.e. Rush pelvic thrusting at inappropriate moments.

And Rush and David! So adorable! I mean, I already ship them because of [personal profile] cypher's awesome fics, but they are practically canon! I mean, they like each other so much. And they keep having scenes that would usually be reserved for the hero and the heroine; meeting in the garden, going on walks together, David ordering his generals to protect Rush no matter what. And they can't seem to keep their hands off each other either. glad I bought this game!


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