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Gotta say, though I do love my major, sometimes it feels like it's going to drive me round the bend. Nothing messes with your head quite as much as philosophy does.

So here I am on a stormy Monday afternoon, trying to defend the fact that I have a consciousness and that I do indeed have control over whether or not I reach for my coffee cup.

The world is very strange.
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I just heard from my dear friend [personal profile] mmefrankenstein that the official game preview is out for FFXIII-2 and not even a keyboard smash would be eloquent enough to describe how bummed I am.

Wherefor art thou Lightning )

Perhaps this is painting with a wide brush, but I am beginning to lose faith in a lot of the Japanese game companies I once loved so dearly. I am holding out hope for Atlus and next month's release of Catherine, but it's a game that's apparently all about sexuality, and honestly I'm not too optimistic after Persona 4's lol girls are for looking at weirdness.

However, it is good that in part my disillusionment comes from the fact that I've had some excellent examples to measure things against recently--so I think this is a perfect time for an Extended Dragon Age Squeefest. (EDAS?)

Since the beginning of April I have played Dragon Ages 1 and 2 and Mass Effects 1 and 2, and am currently in my second playthrough of DA-1.
I could go on and on about the lore and the world-building in Dragon Age, the character design and voice acting, but today I'm going to stick to gender/sexuality. In honor of the occasion, and to make myself feel better.

Cut for long post. No real spoilers )
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So the condoms at my local groccery store are locked up. As in, behind glass, to circumvent the hideous possiblity that someone might buy them and then use them in order to perform sexual acts. Safely. Oh, the humanity.

But that isn't a huge shock--I've seen it before, though not in this state. What really made me want to punch someone in the face was the fact that the pregnancy tests were behind glass. As if the stress of a possible unwanted pregnancy isn't bad enough, someone has gone ahead and made the simple act of getting the tools you need to help yourself as difficult as possible.

I mean, okay, the condom thing I can buy, if you're one of those idiots of the opinion that condoms are what cause people to have sex, and that sex is evil, and therefore, making condoms harder/more embarrassing to get will cut down on the amount of people (or underage people, which is who I imagine this brilliance is intended for) having sex. But pregnancy tests?. Honestly? What other reasons could there be for doing this, besides making the experience as painful as possible? But I suppose our culture can't pass up an opportunity to shame women for having sex, now can we?
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What is it about teenage boys that makes them need to throw things at small animals? I was walking down by the lake just now, and some kid leapt after a rabbit, chucking his water bottle at it. I mean, is it a pretador response?

I brought my sister over to our mom's house today to pick up a few things--she's staying with us while my mom moves house--and couldn't believe some of the things that came out of our mother's mouth. I mean, by now, I should be used to it. It's religious bigotry, ignorance, and the inability to accept anything new. But it still makes me want to cry. My sister did cry, on the way home.

Fuck, I've only just started undoing the damage my mother did to me all those years, and now I have to watch her do the same things to my sister. Maybe I can help her get to it early.

All in all, not a terrific day. But the lovely [personal profile] mmefrankenstein is coming over on Friday, and then everything will be full of video games and Homecooked Meals.


Jun. 19th, 2010 07:20 pm
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On today's episode of 'how the internet irritated Rayne', I saw someone define 'female masturbation' as a kink. What I'm wondering is, is it the 'masturbation', or the 'female' part?

Dear internet, this is not a kink. Either that, or I am not aware of the true meaning of the word.

Someone, please explain it to me.
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Have had an exceedingly stressful week. Was looking forward to watching Doctor Who and eating ice cream.
Went to pick my sister up from our mom's house. Car broke down.

I have missed Doctor Who and have no ice cream.

Clearly, the universe hates me.
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Feels like I've been fairly MIA over the last couple of weeks, not least because I have migrated down to North Carolina to hang with the beautiful [personal profile] mmefrankenstein. We've watched a lot of movies (all of which have had the recurring theme of Robert Downey Jr.) and eaten a lot of delicious Home Cooked Meals.

She had a table at Animazement this weekend, and we ended up doing fairly well. We combined our powers--her artistic brilliance and my ability to irritate/flatter people into buying things when the shiny simply wasn't enough. As it turned out, Animazement is a PG-13 con(?) I'm not even fairly sure what that means, except that there wasn't much hentai in the Dealer's Room, and there were a bunch of parents there with the children. I saw three people with "I <3 Jesus" on their badges. Also, people would look through the art at our table, see boys hugging each other and say, "Look, yaoi!" Believe me when I tell you, it was tame stuff. Some people were delighted, while others were repulsed. We actually had a boy physically recoil. Ah, the south. Apart from that we did get a lot of classy art, and got to meet one of [personal profile] mmefrankenstein's favorite manga-ka.

Last night we saw Prince of Persia, which was sort of fantastically bad, but also fun to watch and pretty to look at. I reccomend it to anyone who likes the game.
I discovered Eternal Poison in the used section of a GameStop today. Looking forward to playing it--it looks and sounds excellent.
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Dear Interweb,

If you are endeavoring to write fic interspersed with words in a language other than your own, please be aware that verbs must be conjugated, and that not all languages pluralize nouns by putting an s at the end.

Thank you, that is all.

This snark brought to you by Too Much Studying and Not Enough Coffee.
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...which is nice, even though I had to get up early for work this morning. And now I have to critically analyze an article for my Energy Crisis class, and the article sort of...lacks. There's no other way to put it. It's badly worded, redundent, and I had to read it a couple of times to even realize that they had ANY point at all. Not going to be fun.

Saw something cute and awesome today as I was walking around the lake. A group of kids was playing on the playground, and one of them pushed one of the smaller ones down and kicked dirt at him (this is not the cute and awesome part) before getting chased away by a slightly older boy.
Older boy help smaller boy to his feet and leads him over to part of the jungle gym.
Older boy: "Don't worry, I'll protect you."
Smaller boy. "Why?"
Older boy. (striking a pose): "Because I'm a knight!"

And I said, "aaaaawww."

On a slightly not so awesome note, I had an argument with a girl at work, who said that she would rather have her (hypothetical) teenagers do drugs than have sex.
aksdhfklashdfa???? In what world is this okay?
Alright, I know she probably meant unprotected sex, but still. Have we become such sex-aphobes in this society that we would rather have people doing something potentially damaging and not to mention illegal than something that is natural and positive?
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Me feeling so crappy today could be put down to the fact that it was 91 fucking degrees today.

Thanks DC, for those two days of spring we got.
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Free Will is an awesome class--one of the most intriguing I've taken for my major so far, but god dammit does it make my brain hurt. It mostly made sense at first, but now the philosophers seem to be going Bat-Shit Crazy.

L'esame del Italiano on Tuesday. Been studying like a crazy person all morning, in between getting irritated by children shrieking outside my window and taking breaks in order to Read A Book, which gets capitalized because I barely have time to do it anymore. (Obviously, I mean fiction. I read Italian textbooks, Greek plays, and philosophical treatises with startling regularity.)

Going to my mother's house for Easter Dinner, because it means a lot to her and I haven't seen her in awhile. All I have to do is steer clear of any conversation topic that deals with the catholic church, abuse scandals, and papal accountability, since these will invariably end with us shouting at each other, her blaming everything on The Gays, and me wanting to hit her over the head with something. My mom's a sweet lady, but she has a tendency to believe whatever anyone tells her, and side with the church no matter what they start doing. Honestly, they could begin sacrficing virgins and she would be down with it.

I jest, I jest. At least, I hope I do.
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Got a mid-term and a quiz tomorrow, oh joy. *studystudystudy*

I'm a little worried about physics--I am just not very good at science. It totally does not hold my interest, but I've got to take it for the core requirements at UMD. So far I've mostly gotten away with taking stuff that interests me and that I'm pretty informed about, but oftentimes in physics I sit there feeling like a Complete Idiot which is...not fun.


In other news...had a lot of fun doing [community profile] newgameplus. Being prompted for something really makes me write things I'd never have thought of on my own, which is always fun.

I'm currently playing Resonance of Fate. Omigod, so odd. Five hours in and there are just beginning to be stirrings of a plot, but it fills me with the sort of nonsensical joy that I haven't experienced since I played Shadow Hearts. The dynamic between the three main characters is awesome, and the battle system is original and fun. I heartily recommend it to those of you who are not put off by weirdness.

Off to study some more.
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What follows is some feminist chatter that I composed in my head during my customary hour and ten minute drive to campus this morning. Just need to get some stuff off my chest.

Cut for big ranty post )
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Just read the latest update on the Trolls and just. I don't understand. Why spend so much of your time doing stuff to get on people's nerves. Why not, some ice cream. Or hug a puppy, or hell, rob a bank, because that would at least yield some results for you.
Posing as concerned parent groups? I mean, really?

But thank you, thank you, thank you to Dreamwidth, for not conceding to their demands and fucking over your users like so many people have done (I'm looking at you, LJ) and sticking to your promises of free speech and unfiltered content. This makes me very happy, and gives me hope for the interweb yet!

And in other news. Assassin's Creed II. Eating my life. For reals. And um...the Drowning City by Amanda Downum is an excellent book with an incredible setting. I remember [personal profile] cypher recing it, so when I saw it in the bookstore I thought I'd give it a shot, and gosh am I glad I did!


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