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C'mon self. You are not allowed to get despondently bored until at least a week into Christmas break. Snap out of it. You have a Yuletide fic to finish and time to relax.

*sighs* All I want during the semester is time to relax, and when I have it, all I want is something to occupy myself with.
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This post coming to you from a rather stressed, shitty-feeling headspace. Things have been sort of crazy around here lately, what with a sick family member, my mother doing crazy antics, and the ongoing search for a place to live.

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I feel like all I ever do on this journal is complain. That, and post fic. But lately it's all seemed to be badly articulated Issues In My Life. I also think I'm one of the youngest people in my f-list, which always makes me feel like everyone's going, "Oh look at the whiny twenty-one year old again." Which I know they probably aren't, since they could always not read it. And writing it always does make me feel better.

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Got my first esame d'italiano tomorrow. I'm sort of nervous about it, but I suppose that goes with the territory. I have studied so fucking much that my brain hurts, along with various parts of my body.
Note to self: working seven hours friday, satruday, sunday, and then having five class on monday sucks hardcore.
I am getting really worn-down this semester, which sucks, 'cause I really don't want to quit my job, or let my grades slide. I have worked really hard to maintain that damn 4.0 GPA throughout my first year and a half at college.
So hopefully everything will work out.
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I like my school, I really do. My professors have all been awesome and I've met some excellent people, and the courses I've taken have mostly been really cool and challenging. However, there are so many things about the College Park campus that just make me want to bang my head against the wall.

First off--it is so fucking big. And yes, I know, it has to be, since there are so many departments and students, but walking a mile from my parking lot to my first class at nine in the morning is annoying, and also FREEZING. Though I have lost some weight from it, which is always nice.
Also--as some people may be aware, Maryland apparently has a really excellent basketball team, and people come from all over to watch the games. This means that any student who parks in one of four parking lots has to move their car three hours before the game. Recenlty, that hour is smack dab in the fucking middle of my physics class. You are allowed to park in another lot, but not till 4 pm, which is when my class starts. So if the game starts at eight, I have to be out of lot 6 by five, meaning I have to leave class at around 4:35, which means I miss most of fucking class.
And to this I really say aslkdjfkl;adjsf;lkjsaf because this is a school, assholes, not a sport's club. And I know, I know, athletics are important to some people, but not to me, and aren't I paying just as much as everyone else is to be here?

Blur. Sorry about the blather.


Feb. 3rd, 2010 08:08 am
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It snowed again here last night, and I was sorting of hoping that at least one of my classes would be cancelled, but no luck. Which means I have to slide my way to school. I'm not going to my first class--I just don't think I have time to dig out my car and make it all the way to College Park without injuring myself and others.

I just really hope they've bothered to salt and plow the paths--last time they stayed open after a snow there were people falling down all over the place, and apparently some girl broke her leg. Ah well, all that sacrificed in the pursuit of knowledge, right?
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Walked across campus this morning and froze my freakin' ass off. Seriously, you know something is ridiculous when by the afternoon it's twenty five degrees and you're thinking how nice it feels.
Why do I still live here?
And of course, if I complain, my dad--who went to school in Michigan--calls me a puss.
Ah well. Ideally, I'd like to live somewhere that stays pretty mild. And rains a lot. So pretty much my choices are Seattle or Japan, or something like that.

I saw an anti-gay bumper sticker on my way into campus today, and boy did it put me in a wonderful mood for the rest of the day. Nothing like spreading hate around on the back of your car. I know everyone is entitled their own opinions, but I was still filled with anger and tempted to key the guy's car. I'm glad I didn't--that sort of retaliation won't get anyone anywhere.

And finally and completely unrelated--I really like Lady Gaga. Just got her CD. I don't usually like hip-hop, I think it all tends to sound really similiar and tired, but I think she is really cool. She's sexy, sometimes bordering on trashy, but it definitely works for her. See--women like sex too. I know, it's a foreign concpet. When I think of hip-hop I usually imagine a guy singing and a bunch of scantily clad women all dancing around him--Lady Gaga does it in reverse. Most of her videos are her and a bunch of sexy, mostly naked dudes. Of course, this means she gets called "slut" a lot, which irritates me.

Ah well, just a silly monday post.
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I just spent twelve hours at school. While this sounds like a bad horror story, it is going to be my life for the next semester.
I don't live at the University of Maryland, I live closer to DC, about 40 minutes away, but that's without traffic. Seeing as there is lots of traffic, I have to wake up at 7:45 am in order to make it to my first class at ten, and then I have classes at eleve, twelve, and one after that. Then I get to sit around for two hours until four, when I have yet another class, which goes until five-fifteen. After than I get back in my car and spent two hours on the beltway. I almost nodded off at the wheel twice tonight, which is not a safe practice.

Of course, this huge day is only two days out of the week--another two still involve getting up early but don't go on quite as long. Then of course, I have work at the damn coffeeshop, which I really need so I can pay for gas to get me to school. So all of this leaves very little time for actual studying and, say, other shit I like to do. Like eat. And sleep.
The logical thing to do would be to do my work during my two hour break during the day, but unfortunately there is a mile walk between my parking lot and my first class, meaning lugging heavy books is not an option.

I know I shouldn't be complaining, since I am so lucky I even have the oppurtunity to go to college, and I know things could be much, much worse. But still, it sucks, and I feel like the world is conspiring against me. I have that helpless sort of feeling I remember from a couple years ago when I was at UNCA and horribly depressed and cutting my arms up all the time.
Hopefully it won't come to that this time.

Sorry to spam you all with this.

I did learn some things though. Bounsera! Mi chiamo Rayne. Sono del Maryland
Umm...that's about all the Italian I've learned so far.


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