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Reposting stuff from [community profile] porn_tree. Good fun.

Title: Bite
Fandom: Resonance of Fate
Pairing: Vashyron/Zephyr/Leanne
Rating: Not Worksafe
Words: 800
Vampire AU
Teaser: Vashyron grins, flipping his hair away from his neck. “I guess I can help you out. As long as you promise to respect me in the morning.”

Bite )
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These boys are fun to play with!

Fandom: Resonance of Fate
Pairing: Zephyr/Vashyron
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 985
For teasing on my bingo card
Teaser: “Old pervert,” Zephyr mutters, but he turns obligingly back into the spray. He knows from experience that when Vashyron decides to be a dumbass, not much is going to dissuade him. And hell if he’s going to be chased out of the shower—he was here first.

Hot Water )
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Guh. Resonance of Fate. Everything Vashyron says makes me want to write porn fic. Everything he says.

So much love for this game. So much. Especially now that I'm no longer Doin' it Wrong, thanks to [personal profile] cypher's expert advice.

Though I am plagued with not one, but two trips to the irritating Ice Canyon place, an aggresively large armed boss, and snowy elephants that keep pushing me out of the area with their thrashing. No fun.

In this chapter, you play a bit without one of the characters. I was thinking, say, I wonder if, now that they are minus the girl, will they stop making innuendos.
Nope. Still innuendos aplenty. Oh game, how I love you.


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