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I wrote these awhile back for various memes/challenges.

For [profile] ficpromptly


The sound of thunder announces the onset of the storm, just before David hears the first drops pattering on the canvass roof. It only takes a few more moments for the rain to become a downpour.

David gets up from the pile of maps he’d been examining and pushes back the tent flap. He’d left Rush a quarter of an hour ago, going through drills, and now he’s standing sill, sword sheathed, staring up at the rain.

Daivd hesitates for a moment, before shrugging out of his coat and ducking under the flap. The rain is unexpectedly warm, soaking his hair within seconds, slicking it against his neck. He can see the troops, tents pitched a little apart from his, hastening to bring in drying clothes and charming armor to prevent rust.

“You’re soaked,” David says when he reaches the practice field.

Rush turns to face him, hair dripping in his eyes, smiling the way only he can. “So are you.”

David tips his face up toward the sky. Rain slides down under the collar of his shirt, tracing a path down his back like warm fingertips. “It hasn’t rained like this in quite awhile.”

Rush splashes a foot into a rapidly-forming puddle. “It hardly ever rains at home.”

“The whole plain will be awash soon,” David says. “Water comes down from the mountains. You could probably see it from the crest of the hill.” He points.

Rush’s eyes flash. “I’ll race you.”

David glances over his shoulder to the circle of tents, thinks of all the soldiers watching, looking to him to set an example.

“I accept your challenge,” he grins, before leaping for the hill.

“Hey!” Rush shouts with giddy indignation. David can hear him hard on his heels as they climb the side of the hill, earth already loose and treacherous from the rain. David nearly falls more than once. He knows his clothes will be thick with mud, but Rush seems to have the odd effect on him that makes things like that seem unimportant.

They reach the top of the hill at the same time, panting, rain beating down on their backs. The air is warm and close, and David can feel his sweat mingling with the rain.

“I think I won,” Rush says breathlessly.

David laughs. “You do, do you? And this isn’t enough of a reward for you?”

The plain is awash, water rushing down from the mountains, flowing into the furrows left from hundreds of years of storms.

“Whoa!” Rush looks back at David in excitement. “That’s awesome! It’s like a completely different place!”

David smiles at his enthusiasm. He wishes he could remember a time when he’d been filled with the same easy sense of wonder. “You should see it when it snows.”

“Can we?” Rush grins wryly and ducks his head. “I mean, after we defeat the Conqueror and save the world, and everything.”

“Of course we can.” David has the feeling that, if Rush asked, he would promise him anything.

The look in Rush’s eyes makes it very, very worth it. “Awesome.” They’re standing close, shoulder to shoulder, and David can see the raindrops trailing down his face to cling to his lips.

Without thinking about it, David rests a hand on his shoulder. Rush’s eyes widen just a little, but when David leans down to kiss him, he meets him halfway. His mouth is wet and soft, warmer than the rain. A slightly mud-stained hand comes up to cup David’s cheek, and Rush makes an eager noise in his throat as his mouth opens.

He pulls back after a few seconds, brushing his sopping hair out of his eyes. “I…I definitely wasn’t expecting that.”

“No?” David chuckles. “I thought I’d been painfully obvious.”

Rush shrugs, looking sheepish. “Hoping…but definitely not expecting.”

David’s grinning in spite of himself. I makes him happy to know that he can be as much of a surprise to Rush as Rush has been to him.

“C’mon,” Rush says after moment or two. “We should probably go back before Torgal thinks I kidnapped you, or something.”

“Good idea,” David agrees. He’s not sure if either of them could catch cold from rain this warm, but it’s better not to risk it.

As they make their way down the slippery hill, Rush doesn’t let go of his arm.

For the Last Remnant kink meme
Not Worksafe

The tent smells like leather, sharp and rich. He doesn’t know where it comes from exactly—his clothes or weapons or the tent itself—but it’s the scent David has learned to associate with power, with sweaty skin and sleek fur and a hundred other trappings of combat.

They’d won a victory today, pushed back the Conqueror’s forces toward the mountains, sent them on the run. It’s major enough that David had announced that the next day would be used for recuperation, nursing their wounds and planning their next line of attack. He would meet with Rush and his Generals in the morning.

He’s alone in his tent for now, and he takes the opportunity to strip completely. It feels like he’s been living in his clothes for far too long. His bedroll is a mass of linens and furs that feel wonderful against his bare skin, but it’s the smell of the leather that has him hard. It’s been a long while since he’s had the time to take care of himself, and even longer than that since he’s had anyone to take care for him.

He closes his eyes and breathes deep, wrapping a hand around himself, stroking slowly. Usually he has to cast his mind around before he can settle on something to think about when he does this, but tonight the image comes to him unbidden.

Rush—dark hair and easy smile, the way he’s taken to the sword so quickly. The way he looks when they charge into battle, the light in his eyes, like he’s as born to it as the rest of them are.

David strokes faster, slicking liquid around the head of his cock as his vision changes. He imagines Rush not on the battlefield, but in his tent after the battle is done.

David bites down on a groan, though there’s no one here to hear him. He thrusts up into his hand, pleasure curling low in his belly.

Once they’re in his tent they’d…well, it’s David’s fantasy, so they can do whatever they’d like, right? He’ll strip Rush’s armor off, push him down onto the bed, sleek and gorgeous and wanting David nearly as much as he wants him.

David forces himself to slow down a little. He wants to make this last.

Rush will moan when David sucks his cock, fist his hands in his hair, gasp his name. He’ll urge David on as he rolls him over and presses him to the ground. Or maybe he’ll do something David doesn’t expect, turn the tables, get the upper hand, take him, fuck him…

It feels too good to stop now, to slow down, and David doesn’t think he could if he tried. He imagines Rush on top of him, still smelling of sweat and steel and leather—

His back arches as he comes, toes curling into the furs, spilling slick and hot between his fingers.

He sinks back down, sleepy and sated and just a little frustrated. Rush is here, sleeping a few tents away. It wouldn’t take more than a few steps to go to him. David thinks, as he falls asleep, that maybe he’ll do that. In the morning.


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