Jan. 7th, 2011

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So the condoms at my local groccery store are locked up. As in, behind glass, to circumvent the hideous possiblity that someone might buy them and then use them in order to perform sexual acts. Safely. Oh, the humanity.

But that isn't a huge shock--I've seen it before, though not in this state. What really made me want to punch someone in the face was the fact that the pregnancy tests were behind glass. As if the stress of a possible unwanted pregnancy isn't bad enough, someone has gone ahead and made the simple act of getting the tools you need to help yourself as difficult as possible.

I mean, okay, the condom thing I can buy, if you're one of those idiots of the opinion that condoms are what cause people to have sex, and that sex is evil, and therefore, making condoms harder/more embarrassing to get will cut down on the amount of people (or underage people, which is who I imagine this brilliance is intended for) having sex. But pregnancy tests?. Honestly? What other reasons could there be for doing this, besides making the experience as painful as possible? But I suppose our culture can't pass up an opportunity to shame women for having sex, now can we?


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